Look Development - Respirator

Started look development on the respirator mask. 

Software: Substance Painter, Maya, Redshift


Sculpting Detail - Respirator

Finalized the modeling & sculpting on the respirator after client feedback. It turned out to be more challenging than I originally thought due to the double-sided thin geometry. All detailing done within ZBrush 2018.  For the cloth pattern, I used a custom alpha created in PS then brought it into ZBrush's MaskByNoise feature within NoiseMaker.  Easy peasy! 😁

Next up, baking and texturing.

Quick Rig - Respirator

Benefits to knowing the very basics of rigging: allows for some quick editing on static objects. Makes it a little less painful to respond to client feedback. 🔨

Photogrammetry - Respirator

Respirator WIP for a current job. Processed in RealityCapture, scan clean up in Zbrush 2018, retopo and UVs in Maya. Still need to add nose bridge component, finish detailing, then onto texturing.


Photogrammetry - Sponge Applicator

More photogrammetry experiments using Reality Capture this time on a 10 cm diameter sponge applicator. Notice the small wire that I used to balance the object in the air for photo capture. 😲 I'm impressed by the amount of detail that is picked up on such a small object without using a macro lens or tube. In this instance, I used my usual fixed 50mm lens but this time I had the photos focus stacked before feeding them into Reality Capture.  You can do the focus stacking in Photoshop (slower & more cumbersome) or in focus stacking software such as Helicon Focus or Zerene Stacker.

Photogrammetry - Spray Bottle

I'm doing some R&D for a possible upcoming job.  The goal is to cut down production time for building out the assets.  I'm testing Reality Capture this time on a slightly reflective object.  If you're familiar with photogrammetry, you'll know that reflective objects are a pain to capture.  I think the results came out great.

I'm using the same method I used on a previous job where I used a matte gray primer to coat the object then adding some detail using an old toothbrush to flick some paint onto the surface.  Use this method at your own risk! 😉

Photogrammetry - Firewood

Doing some photogrammetry exercises using RealityCapture for data processing, Zbrush for scan cleanup and editing, Maya for retopo, and Substance Painter for texturing.  I've found that adding some micro detail via a height map that's blended in combination with the baked normal map helps to punch up the detail a little.  Here's a side by side comparison with and without.

HP Mars 3D Modeling Challenge

Space suit evolution for the HP Mars 3D Modeling Challenge. Clay render uses a decimated model. Work-in-progress. More to come.

Thinkbox Frost for Maya Beta

Realflow snow dissolve from their tutorial series.  Looks more like slush than anything.  ;)  Initially had planned a more complex snow sim for the Nextlimit Pimp My Tree competition, but with the holidays and all I just never got around to it.  Great thing is that I was able to test out Frost for Maya beta from Thinkbox.  So much faster than meshing within Realflow!  Single area light with a couple basic materials. GPU rendered with the latest V-Ray for Maya, since motion blur with Frost works straight out of the box.  I couldn't get motion blur to work while pairing Frost with Redshift unfortunately.  My guess is it's something that the Redshift devs need to fix on their end. Still waiting on an answer from the Redshift forums.